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  • Two identical, good quality colour prints, less than six months old, produced using dye sublimation, not from an inkjet printer

  • No retouching of any kind (including removal of background, moles, wrinkles or scars)

  • Clear, focused image with no marks or 'red eye'

  • Plain white or light grey background that contrasts with your face

  • Uniform lighting (no shadows or reflections), with appropriate brightness and contrast to show natural skin tone

  • Face centred and looking at the camera straight on; not tilted in any direction

  • Hair off your face, so that the edges of your face are visible

  • Eyes open, mouth closed

  • Neutral expression (not smiling, laughing or frowning)


Photos have to be 35mm to 40mm wide and 45mm to 50mm high. The size of the face from chin to crown can be up to a maximum of 36mm, with a minimum of 32mm.


HK Passport Photo 香港護照相 一站式服務:化妝,拍攝,修圖,打印,電子檔,保證通過系統檢測

澳洲護照相 常見問題

1,澳洲護照照片可以戴眼鏡嗎?Babies and infants


Glasses are not allowed in passport photos.

If you cannot remove your glasses for medical reasons, the frames can’t obscure your eyes and there can’t be any reflection from the lenses. Note: vision impairment alone is not an acceptable reason to wear glasses in a passport photo.

2,澳洲護照照片可以修圖嗎?Photo Edit?


Photo Edit is not allowed.



Neutral expression (not smiling, laughing or frowning)

4,BB拍攝澳洲護照有什麼要求?Babies and infants


For infants (under three years of age), a photo with an open mouth is acceptable. The photo has to comply with all the other requirements. No other person or object can be visible in the photo.

5,澳洲護照相可以戴耳環嗎?Jewellery and piercings


Jewellery can’t obscure any part of your face, especially the area around your eyes, mouth and nose. There can’t be any reflection from rings or studs.

貓頭鷹照相館 Owl Photo Studio
澳洲護照照片一站式服務 One Stop Service
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